Hotties Romania


Hotties is a fast-food restaurant located in the heart of Bucharest, known for its staff vibe and sensational food. It promises an experience beyond conventional tastes, with intense flavors passionately prepared by its chefs. Hotties embodies the essence of ‘HOT’ – in its ambiance, offerings, and appeal to customers who seek a unique dining experience.


The main challenge for Hotties was to establish a new fast-food brand in a highly competitive area of Bucharest. The goals were to create a unique market position to attract corporate clients seeking fast, delicious meals and to differentiate themselves in an extremely crowded urban setting.


Market Entry and Positioning

As a new face in the competitive Bucharest fast-food scene, Hotties had to carve out a unique position that attracted corporate clientele seeking quick, delicious meals.


Standout in a Competitive Environment

The challenge was to distinguish Hotties in an extremely competitive area, ensuring that it was recognized as the top choice for fast food among a lot of other options.


Brand Experience

Ensuring that every aspect of the brand from the food to the service includes the ‘HOT’ concept that is central to Hotties’ identity, while coming up with creative ideas to make the brand stand out.


Having navigated the challenges, the second chapter of our client’s journey outlines the strategic solutions and innovative methodologies we employed to overcome obstacles. Here, we illuminate the transformative steps taken to turn challenges into opportunities.

American Diner-Style Concept Development

Crafted an Americanized diner-style theme for the restaurant, focusing on a distinctive image, exceptional food, and engaging staff.

Comprehensive Branding and Marketing

Developed the entire branding, including interior and exterior design, color scheme, logo, website, and marketing materials like flyers and menus.

Engagement Strategies

Implemented intelligent menu designs, animations, and contests to attract and retain customers.

With Hotties Fast Food, we cooked up an irresistible digital brand recipe, blending their unique flavors into a vibrant online experience that draws the crowd.


Strong Brand Identity

The unique American diner concept effectively distinguished Hotties in the market.

Increased Customer Attraction

The strategic marketing efforts and engaging ambiance drew in the targeted corporate clientele.

Market Standout

Hotties established itself as a go-to fast-food option in a highly competitive area.