Maisha Matamu

Bespoke Social Media Content

Maisha Matamu Beach Hotel, situated in the scenic Paje, Zanzibar, offers a unique blend of luxury and local charm. Guests can enjoy delightful meals on the beach, with a backdrop of kite surfers and vibrant skies.

The hotel provides a perfect setting for various events, from birthday parties to wedding receptions, all in a fun and memorable beach environment. Their focus on excellent service at competitive prices makes Maisha Matamu a go-to destination for a truly Zanzibar experience.


The primary challenge for Maisha Matamu Beach Hotel was to create engaging social media content that appeals to international audiences, particularly from Europe and America.

The content needed to highlight the luxury aspects of the hotel, showcase the magic of Zanzibar, and provide comprehensive travel tips.

Additionally, the hotel aimed to attract local visitors to their restaurant with mouth-watering social media posts.


Social Media Content Strategy

The key challenge was crafting social media content that not only attracted tourists from outside Zanzibar but also engaged them in a way that highlighted the luxury aspect of the hotel and the richness of Zanzibar as a destination.


Engagement with Local Cuisine

Showcasing the delicious local and international cuisine in a way that attracted both tourists and locals to the hotel’s restaurant, promoting it as an essential culinary experience in Paje, Zanzibar.


Having navigated the challenges, the second chapter of our client’s journey outlines the strategic solutions and innovative methodologies we employed to overcome obstacles. Here, we illuminate the transformative steps taken to turn challenges into opportunities.

Diverse Social Media Strategy

Utilizing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, the focus was on creating bespoke, visually appealing content. This included reels, tiktoks, and shorts to generate viral attention.

Educational and Appealing Content

The posts were designed to be informative, offering travel tips and insights about Zanzibar, while also showcasing the luxurious aspects of the hotel and restaurant.

Optimization of Online Presence

Enhancing the hotel’s visibility on Google My Business and refining their listings on Booking and Airbnb platforms to ensure higher search result placements.

At Maisha Matamu, we seasoned their digital presence with the essence of Zanzibar, serving up an online experience as delightful as their beachside dining.


Wider Audience Reach

The targeted social media campaigns successfully captured the attention of international and local audiences.

Increased Engagement

The educational and visually captivating content led to higher engagement and interest in the hotel and restaurant.

Online Visibility Boost

Improved search result rankings contributed to increased visibility and bookings.


increase Organic followers in just one month


bookings just from those customers


increase in Instagram Engagement