Scale Driven (Vasquez Media)

Tech / Integrations / AI

Scale Driven (Vasquez Media), a U.S.-based marketing agency, excels in assisting a diverse range of clients, including online product creators, software companies, and coaches. Their approach combines social media advertising with back-end follow-up. Vasquez Media stands out in creating tailored, integrated marketing solutions that meet the unique demands of their clients.


Vasquez Media faced two primary challenges. First, the need to automate internal and external processes for their diverse client base, allowing clients to focus on their core competencies. Second, managing and integrating a variety of tools and software in a short timeframe due to the varied needs of their numerous clients.


Process Automation

Vasquez Media needed to automate both internal and external processes for their clients, allowing them to focus on their core business activities.


Rapid Tool Integration

With a diverse clientele, the challenge was to swiftly integrate a variety of tools and processes to meet different automation needs without disrupting ongoing operations.


Having navigated the challenges, the second chapter of our client’s journey outlines the strategic solutions and innovative methodologies we employed to overcome obstacles. Here, we illuminate the transformative steps taken to turn challenges into opportunities.

Tool and Software Integration

Selecting the most cost-effective, efficient, and straightforward methods to integrate various tools and software, ensuring quick implementation and error-free operation.

Custom Automation and Code Development

Creating an automated ecosystem for both Vasquez Media and their clients, incorporating custom codes and API integrations to streamline processes.

For Vasquez Media, we streamlined complexity into simplicity with seamless automation, crafting a digital ecosystem that powers growth and innovation.


Efficiency in Operations

Over 12 tools and services were seamlessly integrated, leading to significant time savings – over 8 hours of daily manual labor.

Enhanced Client Focus

The automation allowed clients to concentrate more on their core activities, improving overall productivity.


tools and services integrated


of daily manual labour saved


faster service fulfilment